Lionel Ntasano was born in Burundi in 1984 and raised in Zambia. He attended university in the U.S.A, Kenya and Switzerland; earning a Bachelor in Management and a Masters in International Business including a Culinary Arts diploma in between. He now runs Nonara Hotels s.a focusing on hospitality and real estate in Bujumbura, and Nonara Productions Inc, writing and producing film projects for theatrical release in Los Angeles and Bujumbura.

As a voracious reader since childhood, and an avid follower of the philosophical school of Stoicism, he decided on writing as therapy and wrote his first novel, ‘Greener on the Other Side’ to great reception. He followed this feat by writing a short story ‘Recipe for an Escape’ in the anthology: ‘The Gods Who Send Us Gifts’ – by Ivor Agyeman-Duah, and ‘Nights in April: a Memoir on Fatherhood and Inheritance’ in the anthology: ‘Threads and Faces: Stories on Identity and Belonging’ – by Goretti Kyomuhendo. He then followed this feat by writing and executive producing a short film titled, ‘Fate’ in Los Angeles. He is currently writing the personal memoirs of the University of Burundi’s first Dean, Mr. Nicimpaye Bonaventure, titled: ‘Une Vie au Pas de Course’ ―and French Pastor, Franck Pecastaing, an autobiography titled: ‘La Soif de Liberté’.

Among other projects, he plans on completing his sophomore novel, ‘Nights In April’ and ‘Pacific Fleet’, the personal memoirs of Rwandese-born, U.S Navy veteran, Second Class Petty Officer, Yvette Traudel– pertaining to her time in the U.S Navy, the sexual harassment that ensued, and the manner in which she deals with the Post-traumatic stress disorder that has resulted from this experience. Yvette is interested in writing this book now because she has a unique story that needs to be told. The purpose of this book is to educate young girls on some dangers that can arise if they are not careful in life.

Lionel is also currently a doctoral candidate at the novel Doctoral school of the University of Burundi under the supervision of Professor Juma Shabani. The aim of the research project is to create a novel museum concept through a philosophical and physical renovation and restoration of the National Museum of Gitega.

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